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Let us tell you about the benefits of saving with us.
There are many benefits to saving regularly
Secure place to save. All savings are fully insured under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, underwritten by the Irish Government, to an individual maximum of 100,000.00.
You are included in a Savings Protection Scheme - (up to 7,700.00 per member) at no cost to you.
Easy withdrawal of your savings (excluding any savings pledged against a loan)
Life Saving Insurance for eligible Members (see details below)
Eligibility to borrow - full details available on request
No hidden charges TR>When you open an account for your new baby, we will get him or her started with a lodgement of 20.00! Now that will put a smile on a little face! All we need is Babys' Birth Certificate, PPS number and proof of your address - and of course, we would love to meet our newest member as well!


Life Savings Insurance

Charleville Credit Union provides Life Insurance cover on the savings of all eligible members. The maximum benefit is 7,700.00 and the scale of cover based on the lowest share balance held throughout the period of time you held an account with us, as follows:
Savings made before 55th birthday 100% cover
Savings made between 55th and 60th birthday 75% cover
Savings made between 60th and 65th birthday 50% cover
Savings made between 65th and 70th birthday 25% cover

Please note that any savings lodged after age 70 are not insurable.

The insurance claim is processed following the death of the member. The insurance company providing this valuable service is fully owned by the Credit Union Movement in Ireland. 


Nomination of Member's Savings

A nomination is a written instruction to the credit union as to how to distribute the contents of a credit union account, including insurance benefits, up to a maximum of 23,000.00 when the owner of the account dies. Any surplus above this figure is paid to the members estate.
It is a legally binding document and is effective regardless of whether a will exists or not - in fact, the Nomination takes precedence over a will under existing legislation.
A nomination may be revoked or altered by a subsequent nomination. Marriage invalidates an existing nomination. 
Making a nomination is simple: Call in to us today and let us guide you through the process - it is quick and easy to do, and puts you in control of the payment of your funds, following your death. A nomination can be made in favour of any individual or individuals you wish, and the details are kept fully confidential by the Credit Union.
  Address:  Main Street, Charleville, Co. Cork   Tel:  063 89585   Fax:  063 81864   Email:   info@charleville-cu.ie   Web:   www.charleville-cu.ie